Q: How much overhead is there when I connect my StableBit apps to the StableBit Cloud?

Q: How much overhead is there when I connect my StableBit apps to the StableBit Cloud?

The StableBit Cloud was designed to be very efficient from its inception. Much of the functionality was tailored to fulfil a specific purpose with efficiency at the forefront of its design. The StableBit Cloud implements its own Live Services architecture based on a custom designed low overhead secure UDP protocol and utilizes that to improve efficiency in various scenarios that would normally require additional resources (e.g. sending metrics and statistics, peer-to-peer app communications).

In addition, the StableBit Cloud uses the Live Services infrastructure to fire up functionality on-demand as needed. For example, when no one is looking at the web dashboard, the frequency with which data is updated is dramatically reduced in order to save on CPU cycles. When no one is looking at live metrics data, metrics are not collected nor sent. When no one is using the web app UIs, user interface data is not synchronized as often with the cloud.

Great care has gone into optimizing the StableBit Cloud for its efficient use of resources, but there will always be some overhead involved when connecting your apps to the cloud.

For example, if you keep the StableBit Cloud dashboard open, that will introduce some overhead on each device running StableBit apps, as they now have to send additional data to the cloud in order to keep that dashboard updated with the latest information. The overhead will subside a few minutes after all instances of the dashboard are closed.

However, not all functionality incurs such overhead. Notifications, for example, always function on-demand with no additional overhead present.

In general, interacting with the StableBit Cloud web site may incur a small overhead in the apps.

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