Q: I have other questions and need to talk to someone?

Q: I have other questions and need to talk to someone?

You can open a ticket with our support staff here: https://help.stablebit.cloud
Or simply hit contact us at the bottom of any StableBit Cloud page.
A StableBit Cloud account is required to open a support ticket.

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    • Q: Do I need to use the StableBit Cloud with StableBit apps?

      No, the StableBit Cloud is completely optional. We give our users the option to use our apps in standalone mode if desired. The StableBit Cloud enables additional features powered by the cloud, and when used in standalone mode, those cloud features ...
    • Q: How much does the StableBit Cloud cost?

      The StableBit Cloud can be used for free on up to 8 devices. The StableBit Cloud requires the use of StableBit apps, which must be purchased separately. StableBit apps can be run in standalone mode or connected to the cloud. To connect additional ...
    • Q: What are StableBit apps?

      StableBit Apps are state of the art storage focused applications written for Microsoft Windows that can connect to the StableBit Cloud to enable additional cloud-powered features. There are 3 StableBit Apps and they are: StableBit Scanner: An ...
    • Q: What does the StableBit Cloud do?

      The StableBit Cloud offers software and services that let you take control of your data storage infrastructure whether your data is stored locally or in the cloud. Some of what the StableBit Cloud offers includes: Verifies all of your data and lets ...
    • Q: Is there any documentation available for StableBit apps?

      Yes, user manuals and additional support is available here: https://stablebit.com/Support